18 January 2011

Damned if you do...

Am I wrong in saying that this Wall Street Journal article on authors running their own promotions is kind of backwards in its opener? After describing Ayelet Waldman's giveaway efforts despite her own aversion to it, it really gives her the bitchback by describing her as someone who "frankly, seems approximately as shy as a Kardashian."

This seems a bit unfair. First, I take her honest word when she says she didn't want to do Facebook giveaways, but the fact is she still did. And second, the Kardashian sisters are a blight on whatever channel their 800 shows are on, and all Waldman did to earn her oversharey reputation was write one Modern Love piece. Come back when she is endorsing a perfume, I guess I would say.

Well anyway, Christopher McDougall of BORN TO RUN fame gets a brief mention further down without any snippiness. (But where is Jennifer Belle? NEVER FORGET.)

I do wonder though how the author got away with describing sex toy shop Babeland as "a sort of FAO Schwarz for adults." (Obviously, don't search for it at work.) I see a lawsuit a-comin'.

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