16 January 2011

If you aren't particularly sad about the (potential) fate of (maybe) ailing Borders Inc., consider what it will do to the state of Michigan. Even though its stock was slightly up on Friday, Jim Cramer is apparently more optimistic about Big Auto. Meanwhile, the chain just closed its Magnificent* Mile store in Chicago. Thanks to Lisa at Early Morning Run for pointing this out.

*Correction; thanks, Elizabeth!


Elizabeth said...

Not to be pedantic, but (oh, who am I kidding, I'm being pedantic) I believe it's the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, and the Miracle Mile in Miami. (And, apparently, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Monroeville, PA.)

Of the years I spent in Chicago I don't recall stepping into the Michigan Avenue Borders even once: I guess it was my fault it closed. (And I only went into the Hyde Park Borders a handful of times. Because why would I go to Borders when I could go to the Seminary Co-op or 57th Street Books?)

I'm sorry, Borders.

Ellen said...

I definitely meant the Magnificent Mile. I will go back and correct that. I've never heard of Miami's Miracle Mile, so I guess I will have to go check that out (DARN, Miami in winter).

While I have been to that Borders a lot, it was normally to warm myself up between two other destinations. It was really good for that purpose. Oh, well.