28 January 2011

How your New York Times Book Review sausage is made

1. Take someone who clearly doesn't like memoirs because too many people get to write them, and there should really be a high council above to decide who deserves to write on. Or to be a little kinder, someone who maybe just doesn't want to be on the memoir beat any more, and would be happier writing about other genres. 
2. Assign that person 4 recent memoirs to review.
3. ????
4. Profit?*

All I can say is, Neil Genzlinger, you are entitled to your opinion. You even had me briefly at "current age of oversharing." But if you ever decide to write a memoir in your life, to put it mildly, you will struggle.

P.S. Is it still okay to write something autobiographical if you aren't doing anything with it? Please get back to me soon Asking for a friend!

*"New York Times Co. Posts $4.3 Million Loss," October 19, 2010

1 comment:

Wade Garrett said...

HAHA. I love the reference, and it is amazing how newspapers think that doing more of what already loses them money will somehow earn them money.