06 January 2011

Hide your books

James Franco is adaptin' errrrbody out there with planned projects BLOOD MERIDIAN and AS I LAY DYING. Okay, I saw a Faulkner adaptation for stage once and it was glorious, but would that not be the most depressing movie ever? (Then again, prolific screenwriter Faulkner wrote a TV adaptation of AS I LAY DYING in the '50s, so that didn't bring the empire to a halt. That we know of.) On the other hand, I can clearly see Cormac McCarthy throwing a typewriter at someone. Maybe ask him from a safe distance.


Peter Knox said...

Franco is also apparently doing The Adderall Diaries: http://bookforum.com/paper/archive/20110104

Ellen said...

Oh right, I read about that too (though haven't gotten around to the book yet). It's not that I don't think he'd have respect for the properties, I'm just approaching Critical James Franco News Saturation.