28 January 2011

Notes from packing

Boxes of books packed so far: 11
Forecasted number of boxes remaining: 1
Books I found against the wall when I moved my largest bookshelf: 2, Meredith Hall's WITHOUT A MAP (read, donating) and Henry Miller's TROPIC OF CANCER (unread, holding onto because it's a mass-market paperback and on the Modern Library list)
And what else happened: The entire backing of the shelf, held on by a few flimsy nails, fell away, causing it to rock back and forth rather violently for a 6' particleboard mess.
Price of bookshelf in 2007: $25 from a Taiwanese grad student
People it took to carry 3 blocks: 2
Current destination: Lobby with curb potential
People it took to get it there: just 1 unbelievably strong person who happens to write this book blog
Secret source of strength: Taking all the shelves out that weren't nailed in... obvious.

Books donated so far during moving: Over 100, if you count from mid-November or so.
Primary recipients: the St. Francis Thrift Store on 96th Street, and the people in my building
Identity of the person or people who are taking most of the books I leave downstairs in the lobby: Would that I knew! We'd probably get along.

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