24 January 2011


Some people I follow on Twitter declared today Positive Day and it's something I think would be useful to observe across all my Internets. Hence:
  • Is this weather not perfect for book-hibernation? (Caution: may not apply to Southern Hemisphere, equatorial regions, lizards.)
  • I left some books in my lobby over the weekend, and someone wrote a thank-you note on the communal whiteboard. Not shabby! (Photo evidence forthcoming.)
  • I got some quality time in reading yesterday while I was taking the subway everywhere.
  • Even though most of my books are in boxes right now, it's only a temporary separation.
  • Less than 3 months till THE PALE KING comes out. And O: A PRESIDENTIAL NOVEL (feel compelled to write the whole title) is out tomorrow.
  • Down to 2 library books! And one is finished!


Wade Garrett said...

I'm really looking forward to The Pale King, even if I am sort of dreading the hype and inevitable dismissive-older-critic-misreading-Wallace articles that will accompany it.

Anonymous said...
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