23 November 2010

Well I guess I'll just put it off forever then

University of Chicago Press is releasing Anthony Powell's Dance To The Music Of Time series as e-books, but they aren't Kindle compatible. Can we think of a series that is more conducive to digital purchase?


Grace said...

i say bittorrent it and use calibre to modify the extension.

Marjorie said...

I would think there's a danger of what Ta-Nehisi Coates referred to as the feeling of running a marathon on a treadmill. Which is not very meaningful coming from me, as I've never read anything on a Kindle, but I felt like my own physical progress through the books was an important part of what kept me going.

It seems kind of odd that the website is all "Now they're released one novel at a time!", since reading twelve novels on a Kindle and reading four volumes of three novels on a Kindle would be...exactly the same experience? Maybe $8/title is just a more marketable price tag.