07 November 2010

The rent is too damn high

The mansion where parts of Martin Scorsese's adaptation of THE AGE OF INNOCENCE were shot is looking for a tenant if you've got a spare $18,000 a month lying around. Surprisingly, it's not in Gramercy Park or the Upper East Side as I would have guessed, but in Park Slope in Brooklyn.

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Wade Garrett said...

That house is so amazing that I can't even really say that its rent it too high - what's a 7,000 sq. ft house that's that beautiful supposed to cost? I have absolutely no frame of reference. The last time I apartment-hunted, I accidentally put an extra zero in the "high end" search box and came back with a couple of ridiculous brownstones in Brooklyn, and it made me wonder, if you're going to spend almost $20,000 a month, why not just buy? People who are only in NYC for a short period of time? But how many people who are only in New York for a short period of time want to pay $18,000 and live in Brooklyn?