06 November 2010

Publishers Weekly's* Best Books issue hits stands on Monday, but their top 10 is out now. The overlaps with Amazon's list if you're keeping score at home are FREEDOM, JUST KIDS, THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS, THE WARMTH OF OTHER SUNS and THE BIG SHORT. Much love for THE LONELY POLYGAMIST and THE SURRENDERED here.

Jess and Jen, I will definitely be making my own Top 10 of 2010 list (and really, thank you so much for asking!). I did a best-of list last year, although it wasn't limited specifically to 10, because the Internet is crazy and there are no rules. I want to squeeze in a few more weeks of reading, too -- as always.

Meanwhile -- and not just you, but everyone -- what books would definitely make your list this year? What do you think has been overlooked so far, given that some heavyweights' lists are still outstanding?

*Disclaimer: I occasionally review for them, although I did not contribute to making either this list or the longer list, so I'm just as curious as you as to what will show up on it.


Wade Garrett said...

Did you listen to the episode of "Fresh Air" in Patti Smith discussed "Just Friends?" In the words of Lane Pryce, that episode was very good!

jo said...

Hi Ellen,

And you were doing so well.
First post now in a run without a title!


Ellen said...

Jo, I didn't even realize there was a streak! Ah well. I will try to keep titling things.

Wade, I have listened to it now (here's the episode in question for anyone else reading this). She repeats some of the stories from the book, but they somehow sound more articulate on the page. It's illustrative to hear the music interwoven into the piece, though.