20 November 2010

Filmbook: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (Abridged Straight-From-Theatre Edition)

One non-spoilery observation: As my friend and I were waiting to be seated for this movie, we were trying to remember what year the first installment of the franchise came out (2001, in fact) and how old the youngest kids who would remember that movie would be today. I doubt it was deliberate that the several directors and bunches of producers involved with the "Harry Potter" adaptations seemed to age their movies along with some sweet spot in their demographic. Still, that first movie in my recollection was pretty tame, whereas this one offered its own versions of horror-movie setups that cause audiences to shout "Don't touch that/ go in there/ turn the light on!" I definitely enjoy them more with some teeth, and I'm not a scary-movie fan at all.

One more: I think everywhere but the balance sheet it was a colossal mistake to split this book, as indicated by "Part 1," into two movies. And not just because I'm annoyed at having to wait till next July for the second one.

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