04 November 2010

My dream Patti Smith/ JUST KIDS index

  • Thrift Store Clothing Scores
  • Meals Eaten At The Automat
  • Tantalizing One-Line Descriptions of Explicit Mapplethorpe Photos Which Do Not Appear In The Book
  • Max's Kansas City*
  • Times Robert Mapplethorpe Said "Patti, no!"
  • Bookstores Smith Worked In
  • Times People Mistook Smith For A Lesbian
  • Times People Mistook Smith For A Drug User
  • Hey, Did You Know Blue Öyster Cult Used To Be A Legitimate Band
  • Memorials Held For Famous People Who Died In The 1960s
  • Haircuts And Their Meaning
  • "Saw A Double Rainbow" (okay, one citation: p. 273)
*Most confusingly named venue... ever?

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