30 December 2009

A Wormbook Year: 13 Notable Posts of 2009

January: Seeing the adaptation of "Revolutionary Road," one of my favorite books of '08, was exciting. Finding out my hometown indie bookstore, Harry W. Schwartz, would be closing was depressing.

April: "You haven't read ETHAN FROME? Get out of my house!" I read it later this year, thus making that inadvertent lie true, for what it's worth.

May: I traveled a lot in May this year but one of my favorite destinations was John K. King Books in Detroit, Michigan. Also, this blog turned 4, so according to PBS Parents it wants to be self-reliant and it should have "learned to better manage intense emotions."

June: I signed up for Infinite Summer and copped to other long books I hadn't read. I still haven't read any of those, but at least I can check INFINITE JEST off (in a kind of full-body gesture of checking, I imagine).

July: Bulwer-Lytton winner Eric Rice came by to share some secrets for writing a very, very bad sentence.

August: The Noughties reckoning began early with this list of the best American novels of the past decade.

September: I went to the Brooklyn Book Festival for the third time and it was wildly entertaining.

October: The discovery of a new Shakespeare play prompted me to wish a different one had been found instead. Great is thy ungratefulness.

November: I hope I'll always be adding to a list of books that make me laugh, and less often to its companion list from July.


Anna Weaver Lopiccolo said...

LN, how bad is it that I still haven't watched the film version of "Revolutionary Road"?

Wade Garrett said...

I love the "bad sentence" post. Good times.

Ellen said...

AP: What, no Netflix in paradise? Just kidding. Looking back, I was probably too easy on the movie because I was so excited to see what Sam Mendes was going to do with it -- but it's definitely worth a rental, someday.