10 December 2009

Worst. Decade. Ever.

Is it time to stop celebrating everything the Noughties gave us? No, but the Guardian flips the script and asks for people's least favorite books of the past decade. There are some amazing zingers in the comments, like someone referring to "The Shite Runner" (Brits!), but to be fair a lot of books I love are coming up as well.

For me there's a real chasm between books I hated and books that simply weren't worth my time in retrospect. I know I just ripped on THE DA VINCI CODE, but when I read it I didn't turn every page thinking "God, why hast thou cursed us with this book?" (I'm Midwestern, not a Pilgrim.) It was like watching "The Rock" on TV; there were better things I could have been doing with my time than spending those two hours on the couch, but hey, I was mildly entertained, it gave me something to talk about with other people and after two hours it was over. (The "Da Vinci Code" movie, on the other hand, I regret every minute of, because I was expecting it to be funny-bad and it was just bad.)

This is a reminder to myself to do a full post of these, but let me just say, any article that calls Ian McEwan's ON CHESIL BEACH one of the worst books of the decade is crazy.

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