14 April 2009

Never go in against the offspring of an English teacher when death is on the line!

--So she said, "Ellen's probably into that Jane Austen stuff, right?" And I said, well, actually, one of her favorite books is THE HOUSE OF MIRTH--
--I probably like it better than any Jane Austen book, yeah--
--She digs HOUSE OF MIRTH, and ETHAN FROME too--you have read ETHAN FROME, right?
--You haven't read ETHAN FROME?
--Oh no. Oh man.
--Because I said "Yeah, she really likes ETHAN FROME too..."
--There goes my last chance. Now I have to read it and like it, or else.
--Easy for you to say. "You haven't read ETHAN FROME? Get out of my house!"

Okay readers, now it's your turn to either tell me why I will definitely like ETHAN FROME, because somebody backed me into a corner on this one, or confess the last book you pretended you'd read which you didn't. Don't worry, death is not really on the line.


Wade Garrett said...

I dig the Princess Bride reference. As for Ethan Frome, you can read it in one sitting - I can understand why some people would not want to read a classic in one sitting, but its not really long or complicated enough to justify two.

Elizabeth said...

I've more frequently found myself in the position of pretending not to have read a book, because I have just received it as a gift, and need to produce an enthusiastic response. "I already have three copies!" usually doesn't cut it.