02 June 2009

"Revolutionary Road" out on DVD today

Fans of Kate, Leo, suburban derangement, soul-searching, or seekers of proof that I don't hate every movie: The book is still better, but I stand by my claim that last year's Sam Mendes effort was probably the best adaptation that could have happened. And it's not as depressing as the trend wrought by this week's other book "adaptation" on DVD, "He's Just Not That Into You," a film I was happy to skip and plan to keep skipping.

If you like REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, you might like THE STORY OF A MARRIAGE which is now out in paperback. I can't find any evidence of a forthcoming adaptation, but I assume we'll see a Weinstein Co. Best Picture nominee in 3 to 5 years. My casting suggestions are a bit spoilery, so I will put them in the comments.

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Ellen said...

This is long, and you have been warned. I'm not going to spell out anything that happens specifically, but I consider this all spoiler territory.


"The Story Of A Marriage: The Motion Picture" will be pitched as a sweeping "Painted Veil"/"Atonement"-style historical romance, and a breakout/ starring picture for Anika Noni Rose, famous in movies for being the sidekick for everyone from Beyonce to Kelly Clarkson. (Starring as an animated voice in a Disney movie doesn't count.) Some producer or something owes her a favor, so this script falls into her hands, and we put her as Pearlie. She'll be nominated but she won't win.

Andre "Bubbles" Royo will play Holland and all the people who watch "The Wire" will pat themselves on the back for knowing who he is; his failure to be nominated will be regarded as a major Oscar snub in the future, and not just by "Wire" watchers. But Daniel Craig will scoop up a Best Supporting statuette for his role of Buzz Drummer, not only reminding viewers that he is allowed to make other movies while being James Bond but keeping everyone who enjoys the Bond franchise just a little on edge with regard to the manliness of their protagonist. Casting Daniel Craig also ensures that the Wormbook of the future will post about this movie approximately once a week until its release.

Stephen Daldry will direct and scoop up the Best Directing Oscar which has eluded him. But this movie will eventually lose Best Picture because of the same conservative-milquetoast faction which sank "Brokeback Mountain." It will probably lose to, let's see, Rob Marshall's musical adaptation of "Casablanca." The plane-side tap dance was amazing! (I hate myself right now.) Anika Noni Rose will go back to the loving arms of Broadway, but Daniel Craig will still be good looking and get cast in lots of stuff. No one will know what to do with Andre Royo but in the future actors will study his Holland alongside Brando. Another Oscar for this movie will go to Amy Winehouse for Best Original Song -- she will be dead before the ceremony but survived long enough to appear in the film singing in a San Francisco joint.