07 June 2009

J.D. Salinger sues!

If you've been waiting for someone to write a sequel to CATCHER IN THE RYE, you may have to wait a little longer: The author of 60 YEARS LATER: COMING THROUGH THE RYE, which supposedly follows an aged Holden Caulfield adrift in New York, is going to court along with his company "Windupbird Publishing" (hmmmm) against the too-reclusive-to-appear-on-"The Simpsons" author.

I have no particular love for CATCHER... but a poll last year found it was America's 10th favorite book. Let's hope 60 YEARS LATER author John David California's prose is more inventive than his pseudonym.

Photo of a tattoo someone will live to regret: LATFH.com


Elizabeth said...

Know what would improve THE CATCHER IN THE RYE? ZOMBIES.

Vampires, pirates, ninja, and robots are all viable options too.

Ellen said...

I was going to say vampires 'cause every time I contemplate re-reading CATCHER I feel woozy and have to lay down and drink lots of fluids. (Hear that sizzle, J.D.? You just got burned!)

8yearoldsdude said...

that is a regrettable tattoo.