31 May 2009

A park to read in: The High Line

Okay, it's not even open yet, but it's not every summer New York gets a new park, either! The High Line has been put atop an abandoned elevated track (under which I used to cross, nervously, every day) used for "trains laden with meat, milk and produce" on the west side of Manhattan, and I can't wait to get up there and see how it looks.

Time Out New York reports that bikers will not be welcome on its narrow paths, but it will still be insanely crowded despite not offering free drinks or movie tickets. Still, with a little patience I'll be able to get a glimpse of it sometime this summer. (I would read at the insane Standard Hotel behind as well, if I could find an excuse to stay there.)

Photo: lrechis


Elizabeth said...

Do you need to stay at the hotel to read there? They must have a place to sit in the lobby.

LJ said...

Is it just going to be with benches or can you walk there too? I'm intrigued. Been reading about this since before I even lived here. Will be nice to have another outdoor option.

Ellen said...

LJ, from what I've read, there will be a path running the entire length as well as benches. I too am surprised it's getting off the ground finally; these things get stalled so easily.

Elizabeth, you're probably right, I just haven't dared to enter the lobby yet. It's an intimidatingly cool place!