21 May 2009

Not a pedestrian life

Lawrence Block, mystery author and accurate prostitute locator, is also a marathon racewalker, depression survivor and memoirist, according to USA Today:

Fifteen years ago [Block] abandoned another memoir, fearing it would be presumptuous or premature, before what he calls "the Age of Relentless Reminiscence, wherein graduate students earn MFA degrees by writing down their life stories, some of them even factual."

But if he's old "to be getting into the memoir game," he figured, "I'd better do it while my memory was still intact."

But wait, there's more! He also co-wrote the screenplay of the last Wong Kar-Wai film "My Blueberry Nights" and likes to travel whimsically:

Block, a native of Buffalo, and his second wife, Lynne (married for 26 years), are partners in an intermittent "Buffalo hunt," visiting 84 places with the word Buffalo in them. It's "an essentially purposeless odyssey," he says.

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Wade Garrett said...

Natives of Buffalo tend to be pretty awesome people.