09 December 2008

Talk of the Town Tuesday: Announcing the next show...

On next week's "Talk of the Town," Parker and I will cater to all your holiday gifting needs and I'll offer some suggestions for what books you should be putting under the tree this year. Because this hamster really has been very good.

Got a particular suggestion for a book we should all be giving this year? Send it to me (lnvsml AT gmaildotcom) and maybe you'll hear it when you tune in December 17. If I use it either here or on the blog, I will give you full credit for the great idea.

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Elizabeth said...

I hear cookbooks are a popular gift this year, since people are cooking at home more now that they feel poor.

The best books to give as gifts are those that you really need to own, rather than just read once from the library. I think cookbooks meet that criterion (because you need to keep it as a reference, and also, the library might get mad at you if you return a book covered in tomato sauce).

By that criterion, other good books to give as gifts would be fancy editions (like a leatherbound copy of the The Hobbit, or a copy of Stardust with the original illustrations), coffee table books (for those of us who not only have enough space for a coffee table, but also to use up the space on it holding pretty books instead of piles of unsorted mail?), or books you just know your giftee will want to read over and over again. That requires thoughtfulness, which I suppose is the whole point of gift-giving?

Ellen said...

Elizabeth, cookbooks are a great idea, and the only reason they probably won't appear on my list is because I don't cook very often and when I do I highly doubt my expertise would allow me to pick out a good one. For those in the know, though, it would definitely fit the bill.

My uncle in Texas has the fancy-edition market cornered -- he got Max these first edition travel books that are truly fantastic to look at -- but I agree that thoughtfulness is the point. Which I guess defeats the purpose of me making a list for general consumption, but the discretion is up to the givers to know their recipients.

Wade Garrett said...

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle!

Ellen said...

Edgar Sawtelle is on my own Christmas list!