12 December 2008

New biography alert!

In an interview with Zulkey.com, historian Stacy Cordery, author of a biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, reveals her next subject (book due in 2012) will be Girl Scouting founder Juliette Gordon Low. This is awesome. As a GSUSA Lifetime Member* I can't wait to learn more about Low, warts and all. From the little I know of her she had a very interesting life. If I could preorder this book now, I would.**

So whose biography would you really like to see (or read, if there's a full-length one out there)?

*this level of membership really exists
**but I wouldn't know where to send it to, because who knows where I'll live or what I'll be up to in four years. How can people already be speculating about the 2012 election? For me, that might as well be science fiction.


Jess said...

2012 is so far away! I guess biographies do take a lot of research, but STILL.

ap said...

Am I bad former Girl Scout since I don't have a lifetime membership? What I always remember about "Daisy" Gordon Low from our GS handbook story was that she got rice thrown in her ear at her wedding and went deaf...I think.