17 December 2008

Talk of the Town tonight!

HO HO... oh no. You aren't done shopping yet and Christmas is barely more than a week away! How can you possibly get everything done?!

Tonight on "Talk of the Town," I will give host Parker Sunshine -- and you -- my top book picks for the people on your list. The fun continues over here where I'll have a shopping list every day for the next six days. No more excuses! Shape up and shop, Dwayne!

"Talk of the Town" airs 7PM EDT (4PM PDT, 2PM Anna Time because Hawaii has no Daylight Savings Time)
WEBR for D.C./Virginia/ Maryland locals (and available through your TV)
Everyone else: Tune in here!

Photo: axell


Elizabeth said...

Oh man, I love the Prairie Home Christmas.

Ellen said...

It's a family classic in my household too. "No, don't put that dog out, we may need him to sing tenor!"

Jess said...

This is so cool! You're famous!