22 December 2008

Reading On The Road: Home For The Holidays 2008 Edition

Last year I finished 6 books in 9 days at home, but the first 3 were on the first day during my extended travel nightmare when I left New York at 6PM on a Friday and didn't reach the Milwaukee airport till 12AM on Sunday. This year, the extended saga in the airport was just the beginning: after 6 hours, my flight home was canceled Friday and I couldn't get on another one until Monday morning. Cue weeping, gnashing of teeth.

As I write this on Sunday night in preparation for making a quick getaway this morning, I hope my carry-on is woefully overstuffed with books, because I would rather be home than reading in the airport. Last time I was home I resolved not to bring any books with me next time -- yes, there are books in Wisconsin! -- but a few review copies always creep in, and that opens the floodgates.

So besides work, here's what I'm bringing home:
  • Leslie T. Chang, FACTORY GIRLS. My mom lent this to me over Thanksgiving and I didn't have the time to read it, so I'm hoping to get to it there and then leave it behind.
  • Michael Gross, 740 PARK. Also known as "the book I started in 2007." Yes, the 2007 that was last year. I'm going to finish this book or die trying.
  • Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, WATCHMEN. This pop culture gift pick is my fun read for the plane. Comes highly recommended, so we'll see.


ap said...

I started "The Nine" last December and have still not finished it. I'm 200 pages in. Guess I'm not destined to be a lawyer.

Jess said...

What! They couldn't get you on a flight until YESTERDAY? I hope that one went smoothly!