21 December 2008

Worthy of praise

On Friday my friend Nikki, proprietress of A Small Song, honored me with the blog award you see at left. Well, first of all, I'd like to thank the Academy -- er, Nikki -- who has been my online friend* for years and whose perspective I always appreciate. Our paths may never have crossed in real life, but I'm grateful to be able to share even the smallest bit in her world, which in 2008 included the birth of her first child, the feisty Abigail.

And second of all, I'm passing the torch by naming a few of my favorite bloggers in the field of books and letters. Go check 'em out, I like 'em.

Books I Done Read -- Raych's reviews are always funny, even when she's cutting down a book I love and I ought to be wincing. Read this now: Her review of Jeffrey Eugenides' MIDDLESEX.

Nancy Pearl Wannabe -- She had me at Mumsy Lou! NPW is a public school librarian who writes about awkward conversations with coworkers, the challenges of running a quiz bowl team, and books of course. Read this now: An account of a faculty technology class that will make your head spin.

Writers Read -- The concept is so simple, why didn't anyone else think about it? Writers are interviewed about what they happen to be reading at the time. And the recommendations flow both ways, because you discover the writers' new books as well as their own picks. Read this now: Elizabeth Crane on Joshua Ferris.

*I submit to the jury the alternate term, blogmigo. I'm pretty sure I have been trying to shove this into the English language for years.


Wade Garrett said...

I am in love with the term blogmigo. I may even change the header on my blog from "blogroll" to "Blogmigos."

Thanks for the list of blogs about books - I hadn't heard of any of those until today.

raych said...

Awwww, you are so much sweetness!! And I'm with Wade: 'blogmigo' is the term we've all been looking for.