11 November 2011

What my bookshelves likely reveal about me... this week

Inspired by Leah Price's "The Subconscious Shelf":
  • The bookshelf is the focal point of the room in which it is kept. 
  • I definitely have a system for things, even if that system is completely impenetrable to an outside observer. 
  • I find it difficult to get rid of '70s paperback editions, particularly of books I believe I won't find somewhere else (like my falling-apart copy of KISS KISS BANG BANG). 
  • Biography collection : low turnover :: memoir collection : high turnover
  • Grandparents should be written to more often.
  • I recently went on a tear to find something within the stacks and not everything fit the same at the end of it.
  • Alphabetizing is overrated, color-coordinating is underrated. 
  • I would like to not be a knick-knacks person, but I am not putting that into practice.
  • Not a lot of people graze my bookshelf alone which is why I feel safe keeping a few of my personal notebooks on the same set of shelves.
  • Still kidding myself that I'm going to get to all of these... but not giving up yet.
Well, better than a bunch of painted spines anyway.


jotrys said...

Yeah, your remark about all the unread ones struck a chord. I sometimes look at mine only to conclude that I have very expensive wallpaper!

Elizabeth said...

Aha! I will find those notebooks yet.