16 November 2011

There will be feasting and dancing in Jerusalem next year

I wonder what people who don't read do when they need a quick hit of accomplishment. Just, that little taste to remind them that they are not on autopilot, that ground is being gained. Obviously, there are a lot of options, but this one (for the most part) is mine.

This book at left ruled my life for about, hmm, two weeks not counting the days when I just goggled at it and said to myself "Got to review that book. Definitely getting around to it. Definitely going to pick it up off the floor and start it." 1152 pages later, I'm free! (Until edits get back.) Free! And able to say definitively that you are probably not in its target audience. Well, one out of two is not bad. I'm going to go stare down some more tomes right now.

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