01 November 2011

Unbookening with special appearance by Keith Gessen

"I really like my books, as a whole, but going through them one by one revealed just how many of them came into my life because they cost a dollar, or, more exactly, forty-eight cents. Anyway, I put on my game face and made what I thought were some mature decisions. I did not need four copies of PORTNOY'S COMPLAINT, I realized." --Four?!??!???? Keith Gessen needs an intervention.

Received as a gift: 1
Bought: 6
Got to review: 4
From library: 8
19 in

Gave as a gift: 1
Donated: 8
Returned to library: 11
20 out.

Hey, I'm awesome!! But I still buy too many books. You know what would be great? If there were a movement like NaNoWriMo (something I love) called National Read The Books You Bought Month. NaReTheBooYouBoMo. Rolls off the tongue. But I'll come up with a better name (or maybe you have an idea?)

As I write this I guess it's probably too late to start for November, but how about December? That would align perfectly with Judeo-Christian traditions often involving the influx of new books into one's life. For now your homework is to go home and make a list of all the books you bought this year, then cross off the ones you already read. Due Friday.

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