20 July 2010

Filmbook: "The Social Network" full trailer

An adaptation of THE ACCIDENTAL BILLIONAIRES by Ben Mezrich, who surely could not have dreamed his book would turn out looking like this:

"The Social Network" will have its world premiere at the New York Film Festival in September, which gives you about two months to read the source material. After you watch that, check out the Best Week Ever parody about the founding of MySpace.


Wade Garrett said...

I'm VERY curious to see how the Winklevoss twins are portrayed in this movie.

I propose a deal - I'll read the source material for this movie, you watch Aaron Sorkin's seasons of the West Wing (I-IV) and afterwards we can discuss whether the movie was more Mezzerich or Sorkin.

Ellen said...

1. "Hopefully [the movie] will do for rowing what Top Gun did for flying." --Cameron Winklevoss

2. The flaw in your proposal is that it will take me way longer to watch four TV seasons than it will take you to read THE ACCIDENTAL BILLIONAIRES. I think 1-2 may be a fairer trade.

Wade Garrett said...

1-2 is a fairer trade, but once you watch those two you will inevitably feel compelled to watch 3 and 4.