08 June 2010

Respect your elders

This list of 10 Writers over 80 from Ward Six is a trivia goldmine, and not just because of the ages. I didn't like Paula Fox's DESPERATE CHARACTERS, despite strong recommendations, but discovering that she's Courtney Love's grandmother, now that I can drop at readings. And I feel still guiltier over never finishing THE GINGER MAN if J.P. Donleavy is still with us.

Two recommendations to draw from it: If you enjoyed Beverly Cleary's books when you were younger, her memoirs A GIRL FROM YAMHILL and MY OWN TWO FEET will surprise you and give you insight into her writing. Also, I've been meaning to read some of Alison Lurie's other books after randomly picking up FOREIGN AFFAIRS on vacation and really enjoying it; it's light, but not "beach reading."

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