25 April 2010

Twitter Book Club #1b1t

Wired is starting a Twitter-based "big read" for this summer, complete with convenient hashtag. Currently, AMERICAN GODS is winning in the voting, with 1984 right behind; slightly surprisingly, THE CATCHER IN THE RYE is getting the most negative votes.

The blog post notes that Seattle started the "big read" trend in 1998 when local residents organized Seattle Reads to read Russell Banks' THE SWEET HEREAFTER. I can only imagine that that choice was stage-managed by area psychiatrists, because that is one of the most depressing books I've ever read. In 2006, the initiative became an NEA program complete with federal grant money up for grabs (no longer restricted to just municipalities) and an official reading list.

(Still on SWEET HEREAFTER. Seriously, Internet, come over and give me a hug?)

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