15 April 2010

Comeback Specials

New York Times: According to a new book, once(-and-future?) governor of New York Eliot Spitzer so impressed a prostitute he hired that she read a biography of him.

CNet: While I'm not remotely interested in getting an iPad, these animated children's books (including ALICE IN WONDERLAND and some Dr. Seuss) are beautiful.

Chicago Sun-Times: The author of a tell-all book on Oprah is surprised that some people won't take her phone calls now. Also, the Sun-Times has an entire blog dedicated to Oprah news... I now feel 23 percent better about my life choices.

Washington Post: Every six months demands a good what-Obama-is-reading piece, this one studded with bits of trivia on other 20th-century presidents.

Associated Press: She's so excited, she's so excited, she's so... Elizabeth Berkley is writing a YA advice book.


Wade Garrett said...

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt is one of my favorite books, and the second volume, Theodore Rex, is almost as good. I'm anxiously awaiting volume three.

Ellen said...

You're in luck then, it's due in November.

Wade Garrett said...

I had no idea! That's awesome. The first two volumes are brilliant.