08 December 2011

Today I'd like to thank the Internet for creating Hey girl. I like the library too. a Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling for a niche audience.


Anonymous said...

Love it! ~Jen

Unknown said...

I've seen links to this blog in a couple of different places on the internet; I'm glad its catching on! Another Gosling-related idea that's floating around the internet is that he is basically Justin Bieber for adult women. Your thoughts?

Ellen said...

Would that make "Drive" the "Never Say Never" wish-fulfillment fantasy of adult men?

I wouldn't say Gosling fever, though it has spiked recently, is anywhere near up to Bieber levels of admiration. There's a specific frenzy to the preteen girl of which most adult women are incapable even in the most favorable conditions. (Not to mention, you can't expect an 11 year old to appreciate works of genius like Feminist Ryan Gosling.) In terms of memeability, though, Gosling is pulling about even right now.

Also, they are both Canadian.