27 February 2013

Filmbook: GREAT GATSBY movie tie-in cover revealed

I hate myself for loving you.


D.H. Sayer said...

The top half looks a little too busy and overall it looks too much like a movie poster, but it could've been worse, I suppose. It'll probably do a good job of selling a lot of books. I'm adding it to the paraphernalia I'm taking with me in the DeLorean when I go back to 1939 and show Fitzgerald all the things that will be done based on his books, just to see his head explode.

jess said...


i cant wait for you to post your TOB brackets btw.

Ellen said...

Jess - your wish is my command! although I momentarily thought of just putting up a capitulation notice since I in no way got to all the books I wanted.

D.H. - he'd probably want to know where his royalties were! And then hit up the corresponding relative.