01 March 2013

ToB '13: My Picks

Despite starting earlier I had an even shabbier showing at finishing this year's Tournament of Books slate in time for "competition," starting on Monday. Yet we plunge madly forward into the uncertain future.

The bracket this year was so crazy and stylish I decided to input all my answers for "Will Win" and "Should Win," Oscar style. On the "Should Win" bracket I masked out all the titles I didn't get to read in time (hint, there are a lot), and half of THE ROUND HOUSE because I haven't finished it yet but I'm sucked in now.

Also, apparently spell check doesn't think Fobbit is a word. How rude.

Brackets found here designed by Liz Meyer, who I would definitely hire for something based on this if I had the capacity to do so.


jess said...

I think you just said that Bernadette should beat Round House. I don't know anything about Stefan Beck, but as always with the Rooster, the judges can do whatever crazy things they want.

Did you actually read Ivyland? Also, isn't the pairing of Building Stories & Dear Life so crazy? These brackets are nuts. :D I love it.

Ellen said...

I didn't get the chance to read IVYLAND; in fact my library didn't have any copies. But I have heard good things!

Really, we should enter the reader judge contest next year. We're good enough, we're smart enough, etc.

jess said...

My library doesn't have a copy of Ivyland either, and I bought so many of the books this year, so I decided I wouldn't buy Ivyland unless it won.

I thought about applying this year, but I found out I was pregnant around the same time and decided to defer everything in case I had a horrible first trimester (which has been the case, so that was very smart of me.)

Ellen said...

Holy cow! Congratulations! You and your wife must be so excited. I hope you're feeling better.

I don't remember last year's reader judge as being a particular standout in terms of commentary -- but then again I tend to remember only the judges whose verdicts infuriated me. So maybe her taste was TOO similar to mine. It's a nice touch though!

jess s said...

Thank you! We are super excited. My only regret is that exhaustion has made it hard to get through the TOB books.

I find it interesting that on Day 1 of the TOB, your "should win" bracket is beating your "will win" bracket. I am picking up Billy Lynn from the library tonight.