25 February 2013

Literary Oscar Power List

5. None of this man's work was nominated this year, but a moment of relief for Mark Harris, Entertainment Weekly contributor and author of the terrific PICTURES AT A REVOLUTION. Harris had to sit out of Oscar talk this season while his husband Tony Kushner made the rounds as the screenwriter of "Lincoln," which is obviously very great for both of them, but Harris' analysis was sorely missed. Hey Mark, can you start handicapping Oscars '14 today?
4. (tie) Actual Oscar winners Chris Terrio and Quentin Tarantino, for best adapted and original screenplay respectively. I think Tarantino should actually host next year because the results would not be boring, but the result would probably lead to even more complaints than this year's foray. (At least he would never resort to the intentional bomb.)
3. Tony Mendez, who somehow lived with the story of "Argo" all these years and can now step into the sun.
2. This lady:
Cheers to the "Lincoln" team for bringing Doris Kearns Goodwin along. And what a lovely gown!

1. Ray Bradbury. I know it's not cool to acknowledge individuals within the In Memoriam segment (even though we all know it happens), but I gave a little whoop to see him in that segment for being a much-adapted writer, including providing the premise for the 100th episode of "The Twilight Zone."

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