21 February 2013

Call me Wingdings

The Library of Congress has accepted an emoji version of MOBY DICK for its collection, the first of its kind we think. EMOJI DICK -- yup -- is composed entirely of the tiny figures standard to Apple products. This project was funded through Kickstarter and translator (?) Fred Benenson used the piecework of Amazon's Mechanical Turk to... hey wait, he didn't even translate the whole thing into emoji himself? Come on.

I know I'm old because just the quoted string of text makes my head hurt. (Also, when you view them on a non-Apple product emoji are just a bunch of boxes with "GIF" and numbers in them. Pro tip for everyone I know who tweets in emojis, I don't understand what you're on about.)

1 comment:

Marjorie said...

I'm having trouble seeing this as anything but awful.