05 February 2013

January Unbookening: The opposite of diet

Checked 12 books out from the library
Received 7 to review
Bought 1 (FLIGHT BEHAVIOR, for book club, from my local community bookstore)
20 in

Gave away 2
Donated 3
Returned 7 to the library
12 out

Well, once I cleaned out my shelves in December, there just wasn't much left to give away! But I was running empty on review books and have been stockpiling library books for book clubs and Tournament posts of the future, so I don't feel that I went overboard. (Clearly I did, but I don't feel like it.) 

I'd say February is going better but I just splurged on another book club book at McNally Jackson with an old Google Offer, so maybe I don't want to change.

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