29 April 2012

You've Been Warned: 50 Shades of Suck

Normally I believe a simple "NSFW" warning label may be appropriate, but for the really good stuff, we wait for the weekend.

Do you enjoy jokes about poor grammar crossed with wince-inducing erotica? Alternately, would you like to cringe to death? Oh, it was really funny for a while, joking that I would read 50 SHADES OF GREY and laugh about it. Don't look so shocked, moms of America! Then I found this blog of excerpts from the book, and now I think I might have met my match. These passages are just so bad, guys. So bad! And by bad I mean "very poorly written, and some are also regrettable in content."

Anyway, you probably aren't at work right now and if you are definitely don't click on the blog I'm about to link to, which if it were an R-rated movie would be so rated for "explicit sexuality" and "sexual content," as well as spoilers for 50 SHADES and some truly horrifyingly bad dialogue. But since some of you are as unfortunately curious as I am, go read 50 Shades of Suck. Ugh, I'm going to go take a shower and then maybe become a nun.


D.H. Sayer said...

Even though the gf is a Twilight nut, she's shown no interest in reading this yet. Thank god.

Anonymous said...

IF I NEVER SEE THE WORDS "OH MY" TOGETHER IN A SENTENCE EVER AGAIN, IT WILL BE FAR TOO SOON! What's great about it - great as a firestarter!

W.T.F? said...

By far the most badly written excuse for a book! No, I won't be going to watch the movie either as the story is so ****** up (no pun intended!)
I think the author is seriously deluded if she thinks that Fifty Shades of Grey is what every woman wants, but then again isn't she some fat middle aged lady?

Not a prude, but... said...

I only made it through the first 100 pages and I'm unsure as to how I got that far!

Smruthi Shrivasthva said...

It outsold harry Potter, the series im prolly the biggest fan of. This SHIT outsold HP.

I just wanna cruciate James, Accio every copy of this goddamn 'book' and incendio it. :-\