03 April 2012

"As has been noted, our heroine Anastasia Steele begins most of her sentences with 'Holy crap!' People say 'shall' a lot and 'fetch' things instead of get them. When Christian Grey 'rips through' Anastasia's virginity, she actually says 'Argh!' like Jon finding out that Garfield has once again shredded the curtains... Also, Christian is a gorgeous 27-year-old (okay) 'tycoon' (hahahaha, double 'okay') who never seems to do any work, but he also doesn't bang models or do drugs."
--Julieanne Smolinski on 50 SHADES OF GREY. Sounds like a party! Also, can't breathe for laughing.


Wade Garrett said...

Do ladies really find that kind of cheesy writing to be a turn on? Or do people read it to make fun of it? Or is it some of both, like the movie Road House -- at some point, it becomes difficult to distinguish between "so bad its good" and just plain guilty pleasure?

Ellen said...

I think most people who enjoy those books either don't notice or don't care about the ridiculous writing. It's like the implausibility of the plots in porn movies -- a delivery device first, a source of entertainment second. The predictability just lets the reader or viewer get to the content they want faster.