26 April 2012

Oh, happy day

12:14 PM (40 minutes ago)

to me

    The item you requested has arrived at the library and will be ready
    for pickup soon. Please allow time for library staff to process and
    place your item on the holdshelf.  The item will be held for you at
    the Library until the date shown below. All items on the holdshelf
    should be claimed upon each visit.

AUTHOR:  Franzen, Jonathan.
TITLE:   Farther away

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D.H. Sayer said...

You'll have to tell us how it is. I've read Franzen's other non-fiction (How To Be Alone, and I think I was one of the 4 people in the world excited for the release of The Discomfort Zone (Franzen, agent, mother, me)) and I was just about to buy Farther Away, but then I noticed that I had already read or tried to read most of the longer essays in the New Yorker (couldn't get through the ones about China and birds...there should be some injuction against Franzen writing about birds for the next five years or so) so I couldn't justifiy the expense.

Really do want to read the essay about commas, though, grammar nerd that I am.