06 April 2012

Tabs at the West End are going to be up this weekend

The Times has a neat slideshow of places where the Beat writers hung out around Columbia University. The West End, the bar where they held court, is now a Cuban restaurant called Havana Central at which I got terrible food poisoning, so I'd advise you stick to the generously poured mojitos.


Elizabeth said...

How do you know the food poisoning wasn't from the mojitos?

Ellen said...

I don't know for certain, but: I have had mojitos there on multiple occasions, but I only ate there once. The night I ate there I only had one mojito, and while it still could have been that, I didn't start feeling sick till I started eating.

Miraculously I am still able to enjoy mojitos to this day.

Elizabeth said...

This experiment calls for a positive control.

Just kidding, I don't think it's worth it.