06 March 2012

You keep me under your spell

This post perfectly captures what it's like to completely fall under the spell of a book and just stay that way. Isn't that the best?

It's been a while since I felt like that; I'm not mad, it's just the reality of life. I'm thinking back to last fall when I was flying back to New York and I got so deeply into THE MARRIAGE PLOT I practically forgot I was even on a plane. Last summer when we were preparing for the hurricane, a guilty part of me hoped that the power would go out and I would have an excuse to hunker down with a flashlight for the day, because what was I going to do, go outside?? (Instead, we drank a lot of wine and by the afternoon I had such bad cabin fever I "broke into" the park to look for storm damage.)

Do you remember the last time you were completely captivated by what you were reading?

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Anonymous said...

Before my children were born... Harry Potter! ~Jen