02 March 2012

Reading on the Road: Oh how I want to be in that number

Top five fictional New Orleans characters who, nevertheless, I would not like to hang out with
Edna Pontellier, THE AWAKENING
Stanley Kowalski, "A Streetcar Named Desire"
Willie Stark, ALL THE KING'S MEN
Blanche DuBois, "A Streetcar Named Desire"

And one I would: Raziela Davis, the ghost who narrates Ronlyn Domingue's novel THE MERCY OF THIN AIR. (A ghost tour guide! Oh, you fancy, huh?) If you read and loved Ann Rinaldi books when you were younger, you're going to love this book as a semi-grown-up version.

I am taking none of these ride-alongs, but I am taking a paperback to be named later (relax, I don't actually leave till tomorrow! Plenty of time to dither some more!) and hoping to get through GAME CHANGE on the iPad. So I'll just let the robot take over for a few days.

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