17 March 2012

Nihil sanctum

"Horrified" is also the word I would use about author Mike Daisey's fabrication around his new show "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs," for which he seems to have made up interviews and described meetings with workers that did not take place. While it seems that the offenses Daisey described did take place (staffing with underaged workers and poisoning), they did not take place on his watch.

"This American Life," which aired some of his show in a special hourlong episode, has issued a retraction and will discuss that retraction in this weekend's episode. 


D.H. Sayer said...

Are he and John D'Agata going to become best friends now?

Ellen said...

Aiee. I guess so. (I really want to read LIFESPAN OF A FACT though, and not just because of this current mess. Fact-checking is an unsung art.)

Emily Gigs said...

The episode was fascinating and excruciating. Don't piss off Ira Glass, world. He will grill you about it, and air the interview completely uncut--long, awkward pauses and all.