17 April 2009

What Zooey Deschanel is reading

Via Gothamist:

So being named after Franny and Zooey, we wanted to know how many times you had read it. Once. Just once. Maybe twice.

Are you reading anything right now? Yeah, I'm constantly reading. I read like ten books at once, I'm like one of those people. I got one of those Kindle things. So awesome. The Kindle 2. I'm reading this book called "Under the Banner of Heaven."

Do you have trouble finishing books when you're reading ten at once? When I'm reading like five books at once, I feel like I never finish any of the five. Yep, that's a big problem. But I always have tons of scripts to read to so my fun reading is books and magazines.

Do you subscribe to any magazines? On my Kindle, I subscribe to The New Yorker.

Well, look at you. Well, look at me.

Deschanel's musical project She & Him is officially endorsed by Wormbook as a great soundtrack for reading (and other things).

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