20 April 2009

So little space on the nightstand

I've been starting a lot of books lately. Notice I didn't say reading a lot, because I've somehow gotten to the point where I have a lot of half-finished books sitting around, things that I've set down to work on something else but never managed to pick up. I look like a slouch but I do intend to finish all of these, someday...

Started when: I was on the flight back from the Dominican Republic.
And why: Recommended by my madre.
Possible obstacle: Was hoping to use it for a different writing project, which is why I put it down in the first place, opting instead to finish a book I could leave on the plane guilt-free.

Started when: I had just gotten back from the D.R.; this was one of the two books I brought and didn't read.
And why: I really liked THE BLACK DAHLIA and wanted to experience more Ellroy.
Possible obstacle: Ellroy's novel is less a procedural than a series of overlapping procedurals told from multiple characters' points of view. The longer I stay away from this on the harder it might be to get back into it.

Gerald Kolpan, ETTA
Started when: Right after I returned hme
And why: I was thinking about reviewing it. Upon reading some I felt it maybe wasn't a good fit, but was still sufficiently interested to keep reading.
Possible obstacle: The only hardcover in this bunch.

Started when: This past weekend.
And why: I was headed out on the town and swapped my usual carry-all for something smaller before realizing none of my books fit in it. What's that you say? Go out without a book? Please. I think we know each other better than that.
Possible obstacle: Its diminutive size could also work against it as, with room for only one book, I'd be more likely to take a more substantial one where there is room. Maybe I should just leave it in the handbag which required it.

Started when: I can't remember.
And why: I took a college class in long-form writing in which we read an interview with Conover, a journalist who specializes in experiential writing where he goes undercover as a prison guard or rides the rails with hobos. For this one, he drove a cab in Aspen, which doesn't sound quite so rigorous, but I have been to Aspen several times and thought it might be interesting.
Possible obstacle: Not remembering what has happened in the book so far? I was only a chapter or two in, though, so it shouldn't be too hard to regain that ground.

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