23 April 2009

Be assured I am both yellow-stockinged AND cross-gartered.

Cheers to Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley for proclaiming today Talk like Shakespeare Day in honor of what would have been the Bard's 445th birthday. It probably won't be as popular as Talk Like A Pirate Day, but you can message @ShakespeareSays on Twitter for help and chuckle over other people's Shakesperiences.

By the way, my first Shakesperiences? Reading "The Tempest" and watching, cringe all ye purists, the Baz Luhrmann "Romeo and Juliet." And yours?


Elizabeth said...

My first Shakesperience would have been seeing First Stage's performance of "Rock 'n Roll Shakespeare" in their 1994-1995 season.

And if that doesn't count, then it would be their production of "Romeo & Juliet" the following season. (For children's theater? Really?)

Ellen said...

How did I miss both of those?! I distinctly remember seeing Treasure Island in '95-'96 and Caddie Woodlawn in '94-'95. We must not have had season tickets yet. Hmph.

Elizabeth said...

Not sure you missed much with the "Rock 'n Roll Shakespeare". It involved a lot of teen angst of finding a suitable name for their band, and then finding the perfect name ("Tempest") somehow solves all of their interpersonal problems.

Or maybe I just didn't understand it because I was nine years old. Or maybe I did understand it, but couldn't relate to all of their Teenage Problems because I was not a teenager.