31 March 2009

Talk of the Town will air next week, not this week

This is not an April Fool's joke. My next Talk of the Town segment on Zoe Heller's THE BELIEVERS will air not tomorrow, as previously reported, but April 8. Do not adjust your radios -- but do think about picking up the book. Will I recommend it? Only time will tell.

"Talk of the Town" airs 7PM EDT (4PM PDT, 1PM Anna Time) on WEBR (and available through your TV) for D.C./Virginia/ Maryland locals
Everyone else: Tune in here!
If you've read THE BELIEVERS and want to air your grievances live on "Talk of the Town," don't forget you can call in to the show live at (571) 334-9189.

British cover of THE BELIEVERS (love!): fantasticfiction.co.uk

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