27 March 2009

And I helped!

It used to be in the good old days of the Amazon bestsellers list that there was only one man to beat -- and he wasn't even out of school yet. I speak of course of Harry Potter, now only selling oodles of copies instead of millions. Now there's a new guy in town, and since he's undead, Edward Cullen can just wait until you die and still sell way more books than you. (Is it the glitter or the creepy possessiveness?)

Naturally, the new game is beating TWILIGHT, something first-time author Ramit Sethi bragged about (and rightfully so) when his personal finance book I WILL TEACH YOU TO BE RICH captured the #1 spot. The screenshot makes it official:

The book has since slipped down to #20 (as of 7:48AM today), but still, not shabby. I will cop to assisting in this effort and have since read the book; I'm no expert in the field but if you're looking for very clearly defined "homework" to do to get your money in order, I haven't read one better.

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