15 November 2007

The Stacks Strike Back

Early this morning (before I went to bed last night) I had my first instance of NaBloPoMo panic. I couldn't remember if I'd posted at all on Wednesday, and I thought, "Oh no, I failed! I couldn't post every day!" I guess that last entry was sort of a sleeper. (Har.)

At any rate, I've made it halfway through November, and even though the hardest is yet to come (Thanksgiving, when I'll probably be separated from my laptop) I will continue to forge ahead. Everyone is writing about the National Book Awards today, but I don't have a lot to add about that. Instead, I'm signing up for the From the Stacks Challenge for the second year.

Longtime readers might remember I didn't do so well on the challenge last year. I finished three out of my five self-assigned books, but I haven't ever gone back and read those other two. The good news is that I enjoyed the books I did read and enjoyed two of them so much that they have joined my permanent library. So I'm hoping that this year I will actually read all my books and discover some new favorites as well. That said, I'm cheating a little; the first three books on my list are books I started and have been sitting on my nightstand for at least three months. Will I have to start them over? It's possible, but they do give me a wee leg up, so there you go.

Here's my list:

1. Michael Gross, 740 PARK
3. Alexandra Potter, ME AND MR. DARCY Read all about it!
5. Martha Moody, BEST FRIENDS
6. Lesley Lokko, SAFFRON SKIES

I almost put Vikram Seth's SACRED GAMES on the list, because it looks amazing and the person who lent it to me loved it, but then I remembered it was a thousand-page hardcover. So we'll see on that one.

Actually, this could not come at a more inconvenient time as I was planning to go book shopping at the Strand this weekend with a very special weekend guest, but maybe I can pick out early Christmas presents instead of splurging on myself. On the other hand, BookMooch is down for a few days as the wizard behind the curtain tinkers with it, so I can focus on reading the books I have instead of mooching new ones.

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