30 November 2007

I made it! (Kind of.)

This post brought to you by my Google Image Search for "book champion" this morning.

Pardon me while I applaud for myself.

It's the last day of NaBloPoMo and I only have one thing to say: Ha!

I finished! I missed four days, but I was glorious in the attempt. Or at least, not shameful in the attempt. I even found myself reaching for books more often so I would have something to blog about. While it occasionally was a burden to post every day...

...I'm glad I didn't quit the first time I missed a day. (Or any of the other times.) Congrats to the bloggers who actually finished without skipping a day. You people deserve backrubs, or at least trophies:

So I'm probably going to take the weekend off. I wouldn't say this blog has been sucking away my entire day, but heck, I need to read a little more to have something to write about next week.


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